Sanyou Purpose

  • Devoting to treatment innovation , helping doctors to improve the quality of patients’ life.
  • Changing the wisdom of Chinese doctors into patients’ welfare.
  • Following the business philosophy that products first , customers second , employees third.
  • To become a respectable company.

Sanyou Values


  • We love this career.
  • We always remember that our work will help doctors to improve the quality of patients’ life.
  • We promise that we will take our products and service to the most remote regions of China.
  • We are committed to creating an international brand which is originated from China.


  • We advocate therapy innovation. We see innovation as core competitiveness and motive power of sustainable development.
  • Our creative inspiration comes from the communication with customers and clinical demands.
  • We accept all the suggestions and criticisms with an open mind, and we contribute suggestions and ideas actively.
  • We always challenge the peak in the work and forge ahead.


  • We are customer-oriented, we listen to the needs which are beneficial to the patients and response quickly.
  • We respect every colleague and be frank with each other to exchange thoughts and ideas.
  • We confirm that team cooperation spirit is the foundation of our success.
  • We are enthusiastic about public welfare undertakings, we do our best to help others.


  • We obey the laws in China, the business ethics and the code of conduct.
  • We always try our best to do the right things.
  • We can face our shortcomings and mistakes.


  • We focus on and continue to learn all the knowledge related with the industry, and continuously improve the occupation consciousness, skills and habits.
  • We provide complete and accurate service based on our understanding of treatment needs.
  • We provide experimental and practice based recommendations and products, and we can evaluate and understand the risk correctly. 

Sanyou Slogan

Better Intra-op Experience   Better Post-op Results